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Our Company

Dalton Ag Products is a brand forged in America’s heartland. And as a product of that productive farmland and rich agriculture heritage, we are proud to be the premier fertilizer application equipment manufacturer. Our company was founded in 1996 by Dick Dalton in Lenox, Iowa. He owned the company for almost 11 years, and after selling it he continued to manage it until he retired in 2014.

In the succeeding years, Dalton Ag has become a market leader in manufacturing ammonia toolbars, Mobility dry fertilizer spreaders, liquid nitrogen applicators, and wagon chassis for ammonia tanks. Our products are simple, durable, and American. Dalton Ag’s experienced management team continues to grow the company through hard work, innovation, and dependable customer service. Our customers are our top priority, and that continues far beyond the purchase and delivery.

What We Do

We manufacture the highest quality American-made fertilizer application equipment in the market. We innovate and lead. Since 1996, we have added to our product line to help our customers with production and application challenges such as reducing maintenance, increasing speeds, conservation tilling, and application on rough terrain. Our diverse product line includes Mobility dry fertilizer spreaders, liquid nitrogen applicators, anhydrous ammonia toolbars, running gears, nurse trailers, and row units.

Our customers range from small hobby farmers to large commercial row-crop producers, and everything in between. Dalton Ag serves all of these segments because we understand the demand for increased production and efficient use of fertilizer required by all sustainable farming operations.


The authority on material application and processing equipment for farming and industry.

Our Mission

Dalton Ag will be the market leader in the categories in which we compete, partnering with our customers and consistently meeting their needs with on-time delivery of high-quality products and services. Recruiting, training and retaining highly committed and passionate employees who are totally responsive to our customers will be the cornerstone of our success.